Interview with the I.P.F.G. by Atefeh Gorgin

Early in 1983, Atefeh Gorgin, wife of the martyred revolutionary poet, Khosrow Gholesorkie, interviewed five political forces in Iran, among them the I.P.F.G. She asked the same questions to each and published these interviews in her book «Fasli Dar Gholesorkh». The following is a translation of a portion of her interview with the I.P.F.G. first published in 1984 in «Iran In Resistance» by the Iranian Student Association Throughout the US. [Read More]

The Judiciary and the 1979 Revolution in Iran

The popular movement that developed in Iran during 1978, which led to the overthrow of the imperial regime on February 11, 1979, is characterized by its unexpectedness, which makes it difficult to study its origins, its evolution, and to assess the importance of the role played by different social classes and strata. No one expected it, not even those who provoked it, nor those who suppressed it, nor those who observed it from near or far. [Read More]

Palestine in a war where masks have fallen

At the same time as they dealt the Palestinian movement very hard blows, the latest Israeli aggression in Lebanon and the events that took place in that country during this period, brought down the masks of many forces linked to the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples’ movement, making the reality appear to everyone in a more tangible way. [Read More]

The role and demands of the proletariat in the recent revolution in Iran

For more than three years, Iran has been the scene of the most popular revolution in history, but abroad it seems that no one is aware of the nature of this revolution, and for good reason: the propaganda of the mass media of the international capitalists has been set in motion in an attempt to conceal the popular and massive character of this revolution from the peoples and masses of other countries. [Read More]

Those Addressed by the Traitorous Tudeh Party's Central Committee are not the People's Fadaee Guerrillas!

In February 1971, the Organization of Iranian People’s Fedaee Guerrillas (O.I.P.F.G.) initiated the armed struggle in Iran by attacking the gendarmery at Siahkal in Northern Iran. This battle, although militarily a defeat, was an important political victory. Ever since, many revolutionary groups and elements have joined the armed struggle movement and hundreds of revolutionaries have been brutally executed or killed in armed clashes with the regime. Frightened by their heroic struggle, the regime utilized all of its forces to suppress the movement. [Read More]